Condolences to the Jewish Community of Kansas City

Entrance to the Jewish Community Campus in Overland Park, Kansas.A word from our Executive Director:

On a day that should be celebrated for the freedom of slaves, we can only offer our condolences to the Jewish Community of Kansas City and those effected by the shootings seemingly targeted at the Jewish community in Kansas City.  While reports are varied and we struggle to know the truth, we as an Interfaith collective continue to pray that such violence – and seemingly antisemitic religiously motivated violence – must decrease in the world, just as every other form of injustice must find an end.  We also offer our solidarity to the Methodist congregation and family where two of the three dead attended.  That the Jewish Community Center was filled with teenagers from multiple faith traditions for a musical tryout only confirms that the cowardly act was made against not only the Jewish community, but against Interfaith understanding itself.  Let us continue to work for a day when religiously motivated hate, racial exceptionalism and “lone wolf attacks” against any community becomes a long gone memory of the past.

– Rev. Will McGarvey