Executive Board Statement in light of the recent shootings:

The Executive Board of the Interfaith Council offer these words during this time of collective grief.

“We continue to grieve with our nation in the wake of today’s mass murder at a school in Connecticut. This is the most gut wrenching of all the recent gun-violence related incidents we have seen in the sad history of such occurrences. We also send our prayers and energy toward those in Portland, Colorado, and Virginia for whom this news brings back fresh memories of trauma.

Our hearts go out to the families who lost their children and other loved ones, as well as the families of the survivors as their innocence was snatched away from them. May God comfort them all. We as an Interfaith Council offer our hope, love, strength and prayers in dealing with this tragedy. Events like this remind us of our calling to become more loving towards our children, neighbors and community. Let us renew our dedication to care for those with anger, hopelessness or mental illness.”