ICCCC Statement Marking 9/11

The thoughts and prayers of our multifaith-based community continue to be with the victims of the tragedy that struck our nation 12 years ago today.  This day is a reaffirmation that we live in a diverse, complex and yet interconnected world.  It also reminds us that we must find ways to resist terrorism together as a nation and as one global family.  Hate can never overcome love and compassion and we must never let hate divide us as communities.  Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of our nation, remembering and paying tribute to the victims and those who gave their lives to protect other innocent citizens of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

9/11 was a wake up call to our nation that we belong to each other.  We experienced what so many around the world experience as well.  Today, we are reminded that we must come together as one nation and fight against hate, intolerance and injustice.  More violence is not the answer to violence.  We must continue to strive to reach out to others toward greater understanding though education and dialogue.