In Support of Diplomacy For The Iran Agreement by Social Justice Alliance

In Support of Diplomacy For The Iran Agreement

Recognizing and acknowledging the need to rapidly reduce and eventually eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, the Social Justice Alliance welcomes and supports the proposed nuclear agreement between the five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany and Iran.  This historic agreement is an opportunity to resolve one of America’s biggest security concerns through diplomacy, not war.  It prevents Iran from building a nuclear weapon and creates the strongest system of inspections we’ve ever negotiated to ensure that Iran doesn’t cheat. If Iran does cheat, sanctions snap back into place.

The agreement limits Iran’s nuclear ability while opening the possibility for the reduction and possible elimination of international oil and financial sanctions against the country – sanctions which have resulted in severe hardships for the people of Iran.  Intrusive inspections of the Iranian nuclear facilities must be ongoing.  Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency must be given immediate access to the facilities whenever the Agency feels access is required and appropriate.  The Security Council as well as the Western parties to the agreement should be immediately informed of the Agency’s findings.  Sanctions should be immediately re-imposed if Iran is found to be breaking the agreement.

Congress should seize this opportunity to vote for a deal — not war — with Iran.


Social Justice Alliance of the ICCCC

Gwen Watson and Dolores Loague, Cochairs