Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County Statement on Syria

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County represents 107 faith communities that work for peace and human rights here and abroad.  The brutal civil war in Syria has resulted in approximately 100,000 people killed, and created misery and chaos for the two million refugees who have fled the country. The suffering of the Syrian people, exacerbated by the inhuman use of chemical weapons, is a cause for moral outrage for people all over the world. Our hearts break for the families of those who have lost their lives in this conflict and to the damage that further action will do to the human family.  Our fundamental concern in the events in Syria is for the well-being, rights, and protection of the Syrian people.  We support the existing International structures that work for a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

We call on our elected representatives to question the disturbing fact that the U.S. seems to be ready to take unilateral action against Syria before a report from the U.N. inspectors.  Even one of our staunchest allies, the United Kingdom’s parliament, voted against such an attack (over the desire of their Prime Minister).

We call on people of all faiths to aid the International response to the refugees and to lend their voice in support of a negotiated peace without U.S. military involvement.  We call upon the U.S. Government to use every peaceful means at its disposal to bring about a cessation of the civil war that leads to fair elections by the people of Syria. We further call on the U.S. administration to work with every level of the U.N. to work for a peaceful resolution to the civil war in Syria.  Failure to do so is a form of taking sides that will only exacerbate the regional problems.

Signed, The Elected Council of ICCCC
Monday, September 9, 2013