Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County Statement on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County Statement on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (I4C) is very concerned about the violence and mourns the loss of life and destruction of property on both sides in the current Israel and Gaza conflict. Though the recent cease-fire has raised our hopes, we must strive to bring about a more permanent solution to the hostilities.  As the representative of over one hundred faith organizations and congregations, we would like to express our sympathy and grief, and offer prayers to those who have lost their lives, have been displaced from their homes or have lost their loved ones in this conflict.

We are guided by the following principles and beliefs:

  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complex and every effort must be made by the International community to find a just and peaceful solution to this conflict.
  • However as the history in this region has taught us, there is no violent solution to this conflict.
  • The solution to the conflict must be guided by compassion and caring for human life; and value peace, justice and freedom for all.
  • We affirm the right of the Palestinians and Jews to have a homeland and call for a two-state solution to the conflict.
  • All lives have equal value whether on this side of the border or the other.
  • Where there is no freedom, there is no peace.
  • The faith communities have a responsibility to do their part to speak up against injustice regardless of who online casino canada is the victim or the aggressor, or without taking sides.

Therefore we call upon:

  • Both sides of the conflict to respect human life, especially the lives of the innocent children, women and the elderly – the very people our respective religious and faith traditions command us to protect.
  • Both sides must avoid actions that jeopardize or traumatize the lives of the innocent civilians, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Geneva Convention.
  • The International community to demand that the siege of Gaza must be lifted and civilian goods as well as non-combatants must be allowed to enter or depart from Gaza.
  • Both sides to engage in dialogue to bring about a long lasting peace between the two sides.
  • All nations to do their part in bringing about long lasting peace in the region. This is especially true for the key stakeholders, such as our own country, and other neighboring countries.
  • The United Nations to exert their influence, and intervene immediately to bring about a more permanent solution to the conflict that brings peace, security, justice and freedom for both sides.
  • All faith communities to unite and speak in one voice to help promote peace and harmony among faith communities, rather than use this as a dividing force. We encourage everyone not to let this conflict increase or promote hatred against any group, especially in forms of Anti-semitism or Islamophobia.