JCRC Statement on the Resumption of Negotiations between Israel and Palestine

July 19, 2013
Statement from Rosalind Franklin, President of the Jewish Community Relations Council, San Francisco
We welcome Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement of an agreement to resume negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and are hopeful that this will be a first step toward ensuring a just and lasting peace.
The JCRC supports two states for two people. We envision a future in which both the Israeli and Palestinian people live within mutually recognized and secure sovereign borders. Toward that end, we share with the people of Israel the fundamental desire for peace with its neighbors and an abiding concern – heightened further by the turmoil in the region from Egypt to Syria – that any agreement address Israel’s security needs, and the importance of establishing realistic borders that will ensure protection and peace. We acknowledge the difficult concessions for both parties that lie ahead and the many obstacles that must be overcome to ensure a viable and realistic two-state solution.
JCRC supports the United States’ continued constructive role in this process which will be instrumental in facilitating fruitful dialogue and any progress toward peace. The organized Jewish community stands behind America’s efforts to bring the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships together, for it is only through direct talks and establishment of goodwill that lasting peace will be achieved.
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