Poem honoring Rabbi Raphael Asher by Rev. Will McGarvey shared at the Interfaith Concert



…and on that day 
the prayers of every mystic through the ages
and every peacemaker and prophet of every language and culture
and every mother’s heartfelt dream – converged into a single moment. 

The universe itself turned its attention to the Holy City…

At that moment, the birds stopped their songs
the dogs and the wolves started to howl
the mice and other rodents scattered to the roofs of the building to watch
and as we looked around the cats were nowhere to be seen.

…and on that day 
all of humanity’s haughtiness was transformed
and the interconnectedness of the whole Universe
was imprinted on the heart of every creature
every living thing instantly understood their place
and as they looked around at each other
there began to drip a tear in one eye – and a smile in the other.

Gone were the days of predation, of exile – even of exodus
Gone were the memories of grief, of loss – even of the holocaust.

Here in an instant was the Messianic age
the ram’s horn was heard by every part of creation – and they knew it
here, in an instant, everyone belonged – everyone where they were
and they just knew it, the deaf, the blind, those on the autistic spectrum
the Jew, the Gentile, the African and Asian, they just knew it,
because it was finally written on their hearts of flesh –

and on that day…
now there was a new date that all years and time was measured by – 
because everyone understood that ancient tongue of Adam & Eve –
before Babel’s linguistic and cultural corruption
convinced us that we didn’t belong to each other…

– Rev. Will McGarvey, ICCCC May 4th, 2014