Statements from ICCCC members

Dear colleagues,
My heart goes out to the victims and their families first and foremost. I have also seen numerous emails condemning the terrorist attacks- SABA, Islamic center of Zahra, Dar e batool, CAIR Bay Area, imamia medics international, islamic Educational center of Orange County, to name just a few.
Though there seems to be some links to the so called ISIS, very few people seemed to be concerned, or have mentioned,  the fact that this is another horrific incident where  guns were used as weapons of mass destruction. Not sure how someone can obtain automatic assault weapons while being on FBI watch!
May peace prevail, even when hate is seemingly the motivation for this attack.
Ejaz Naqvi
Dear colleagues, members of the Elected Board of the Interfaith Council, and the Executive Director,
On behalf of the Muslim community, and on my own behalf, we condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks in Orlando. This is not only an attack against the victims of this barbaric act, but it is against all Americans. I will continue to speak-out against terrorism in all its forms, engage the faith communities in condemning these criminal acts, and to pray to Allah to save the United States and the entire humanity from the scourge of terrorism.
Amer Araim, Walnut Creek Islamic Center
“The Muslims Community associated with the Islamic Center of East Bay in Antioch, CA, strongly and unequivocally condemns the appalling and monstrous attack on a Nightclub in Orlando, and expresses its heartfelt condolences to the loved ones who lost their lives, or  got injured in the attack. We all join the fellow Americans in this moment of sadness and grief, and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the joint effort of weeding out the evil. There can never be any justification for such a cowardly and criminal attack in any religion, including Islam,the religion we follow.
We also reiterate the words of the President demanding the passing of a law that makes the access to dangerous and lethal weapons almost impossible.”
Mohammad Ashraf Chaudhry, President