The Bay Area Jewish Community Condemns Anti-Muslim Muni Bus Ads Statement from the Jewish Community Relations Council

This week, a new round of inflammatory political advertisements appeared on MUNI buses in San Francisco, placed by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. This is part of an ongoing advertisement campaign that stereotypes Muslims and heightens tensions among San Francisco’s diverse populations, this time organized and paid for by a group outside of the Bay Area.

The Bay Area’s organized Jewish community has indicated to the Municipal Transit Authority and the San Francisco Human Rights Commission its great concern that the repeated appearance of offensive anti-Israel advertisements and Islamophobic advertisements will turn our local public transit system into a space of community division and hostility. MUNI buses do not provide a reasoned forum for education or civil discourse on serious issues. The JCRC is concerned that these advertisements marginalize and harm riders and drivers, including children, and provide the kindling for community conflict and division.

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is the central public affairs and community arm of the organized Jewish community. Representing synagogues and Jewish institutions throughout the Bay Area, JCRC promotes a just society and secure Jewish future.