Trinity Center to reopen if it gets too cold – volunteers needed.


Trinity Center Emergency Warming Shelter (EWS)

Trinity Center EWS opened temporarily for overnight shelter Wednesday, December 04, 2013 through Tuesday, December 10, 2013.  If we get another cold snap, we will try to open again if we can get enough volunteers.

The EWS is first come/first served with a maximum capacity of 20.  We are not open every night.  The decision to open each night is based upon the weather.  If temperatures are below 32 degrees EWS will open that night.  The decision will be made by noon each day.  There may be times when the EWS will not be available because of conflicting activities.

When:  Nightly shelter can open as early as 7:00 pm and as late as 11:00 pm, with opening time decided by Trinity Center based upon other scheduled activities; i.e., Wednesday opening time will be 9:00 pm.  EWS will be closed each morning by 7:00 am.

Rules/Restrictions:  Guests are asked not to congregate at EWS prior to 15 minutes before opening time.  There are no “in/out” privileges.   Daily opening time will be posted on the door of EWS on days of operation.  If we are not opening that evening, there will be no posting on the door.  Guests will be asked to acknowledge and accept the rules/restrictions via their signature.  No alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on the premises.  No smoking is allowed in the facility or on the property.

This is an adult only shelter.  Guests must be members of Trinity Center.  No bathing or shower or laundry will be available.  No meals will be provided. No use of stove or fireplace is allowed.  Pets are not allowed.

Contact information and to Volunteer:

Trinity Center – John Alonso (eve) 925-961-2695 (day) 925-949-8712 or